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3 Steps To Becoming A Business Coach

By: Samantha Riley • 3 years ago •

With over 1.9 million small businesses in Australia (1-4 employees), and a whopping 28 million in the USA, why is it that there are so many business coaches who are finding it challenging to crack into the 6-figure income bracket?

There are plenty of business owners who need your help, you just need to show up in their world and let them know how you can help them.


Many coaches talk about finding your niche, and I find the ‘N’ word freezes many coaches in fear as they feel like they’re going to miss out on opportunities however, think about the value of a brain surgeon as opposed to a GP. They are not only higher in demand, but they also have a much higher earning capacity.

Start by brain-storming your unique values, experiences and zones of genius that you can tap into. If you have a deep depth of knowledge from working in a certain industry, maybe you can work solely within that same industry, or maybe you could transfer that skillset to another industry in a different way.

Once you understand your market, you need to identify your ideal client within that niche. Identify their frustrations and aspirations, and have your marketing speak directly to that person. You will gain their trust when they feel you understand, and know how to fix their problems.


People choose to do business with those they feel they know, like and trust, so it’s important to ensure your personal profile and how you interact with your target market is genuine.

Ensure you’re spending time on the platforms where you will be seen, and engage in a way that is in authentic alignment with your values and beliefs.

Position yourself as the ‘authority’ or the ‘expert’ in your field, and start to build your status so you stand out from the crowd. Give yourself permission to be in the spotlight, as no one is going to tap you on the shoulder and bestow that status upon you.


When you are seen as the expert in your field, you are more likely to sell your products and services, and at a premium price.

As an expert, you will have doors opened to new opportunities. Interviews, speaking engagements and guest workshops are a great way to leverage your time and reach new audiences and networks, as well as giving you the advantage of being positioned and featured next to industry peers.

Positioning yourself as an authority is not difficult, but it does require a solid plan and consistent action. Connect with the top associations and influencers in your chosen industry and share your expertise and willingness to add value to their communities.


Samantha Riley is an international business growth and marketing coach, speaker, #1 best-selling author, and host of the Unlimited Influence Podcast.

Over the past 25 years, she’s built several successful businesses, and built her first 7 figure business from the ground up in her twenties.

She now works with coaches and consultants, helping them create profitable businesses that allow them to live the lifestyle of fulfilment and freedom they desire.

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