9 Accelerators To Building A Business On Referrals & Warm Qualified Leads

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9 Accelerators To Building A Business On Referrals & Warm Qualified Leads
By Michael Griffiths
the days when it was easy? Remember when everything felt doable and it all just flowed? Well lets help you get back there, with getting new warm qualified leads and referrals into your coaching business every day.
I often feel we over complicate things, we make it harder and therefore that gets us stuck. We spend too much time, effort, money on the wrong activities because either someone has told us the wrong things or we just don’t know what we don’t know.
Myth: You have to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars each month on marketing to get new business
Facebook Ads, SEO, Pay Per Click, Funnels, Leads, Masterminds, Conferences, Networking Events….. It is enough to make any coach go crazy!!!
Myth: You have to go to networking events every week to get new business
Myth: You need a website or even a business card to get new business
All you need is some basic structures and processes that become your key marketing activities.
Bottom line marketing is all about 3 things
1. Building an audience of people who have the pain point you solve and are looking for a solution.
2. Educating, nurturing and showing that audience that you are the expert who can help them.
3. Asking them if they would like help and getting them to raise their hand. So our first step is we need to build an audience (a fancy word for generating leads).
There are cold leads (YUCK!!!) who don’t know you, like you or trust you. AND then there are warm leads who convert easier and are often much better clients. So I want you to start generating warm qualified leads and referrals as that
Maintain engagement with your networks, it’s so important to be front of mind of your networks, as in this day and age, people will forget you every 45 days if you aren’t front of mind!
will help your business grow faster and it will be much easier at your end.
After much tweaking, stuffing around and trailing, we have perfected the 9 Accelerators to the Million Dollar Referral System. A system that has been filling our clients lead buckets with 15-20 warm, qualified leads and referrals each and every single day.
So here we go… The 9 Accelerators that you want to focus on to grow your business without having to spend money on traditional marketing.
1. Build Referral Sources The first accelerator is all about finding the right places to get referrals from and creating your ‘go-to’ list of referral sources. When selecting your referral sources, make sure you select sources that are also in contact with your ideal client. Remember, the more referral sources you have, the more referrals you’ll get each week.
2. Create Joint Ventures and Affiliates  Find the right people to create new partnerships and opportunities with. Remember, these relationships need to be beneficial for both you and the other party – when creating these relationships, focus on creating win-win scenarios for both parties. Think of this example McDonald’s promotes TimeZone and vice versa. All they are doing is sharing each other’s customers!
3. Systemise Client Referrals                         It is simple, without a system in place, people won’t know how to refer you. However, it’s important to remember, that you can’t simply expect your clients to refer you – you need to deliver extraordinary value to your clients and then they will refer you. Once they’re ready to refer, your system comes into play and makes the whole referral process easier
4. Grow Your Networks With Perfect People Find the right people to have in your network and surround yourself with them. Hot tip, when someone connects with you – start thinking about how you could partner together or open doors for one another. Once you’ve found the right people, you will find that they will start opening doors for you to new opportunities, this can only happen once you surround yourself with the perfect people.
5. Maintain Engagement Maintain engagement with your networks, it’s so important to be front of mind of your networks, as in this day and age, people will forget you every 45 days if you aren’t front of mind! The easiest way to maintain engagement with your network is to talk to them – send them an email, like a Facebook or Instagram post, send them a Facebook or LinkedIn message – just get front of mind!
6. Start Conversation Start new conversations, everything good in business starts with a conversation. Starting conversations doesn’t have to be hard either – the key to
starting a great conversation is to not overthink it. Start simple, something like ‘Hi! How are things with you?’ is a great place to start.
7. Leverage Access Leverage your networks to gain access to new people and opportunities. This accelerator is all about learning to fish where the fish are, but on a grand scale! Think big here, it’s not just other businesses where your ideal clients are, but the governing associations, professional bodies of your ideal clients.
8. Fill CRM Fill your CRM with new people to talk to - our Partnership Club Tribe add 500+ people to their CRM each month! The way we look at it is, if you have more people in your CRM, you have more opportunities to create new conversations, and ultimately, more sales.
9. Gain Mass Exposure The final accelerator is all about getting yourself out there! This is where you say yes to jumping on your friends podcast, doing a Facebook Live with a Joint Venture Partner, writing an article for a client’s monthly newsletter. Ultimately, if you get in front of more people you get more exposure, and more exposure = more opportunities. The key with the 9 accelerators is to start. Don’t worry where or on which one. JUST START!!
They don’t have to be done in order, they all work side by side and when you put all 9 into your business you will be amazed at the momentum you will build.
Michael Griffiths is the founder of Referral Marketing Guru – The #1 authority on referral marketing training for service providers around the globe.
The Million Dollar Referral System, focuses on helping businesses build out the 9 accelerators into their business to generate 15-20 warm qualified leads and referrals per day.
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