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Coaching is a way of being. It is a way of interacting. It is a way to encourage, empower, engage, and even enlighten.

Coaching lends itself to a variety of platforms and modalities. So, lets be creative and take it out of the corner office and bring it to the world!

In 2018, Patryk and Kasia Wezowski released LEAP, the coaching documentary on both Amazon and iTunes for the world to see, experience, to own, and to share with friends and family. I was the first Executive producer to sign on with my two partners: Lynn Stewart, MCC and Michael Pomije, PCC and I’m also a featured coach in the movie.

Our next project, along with conducting our ICF accredited trainings on four continents is to launch our musical, The Workshop, A Dress Rehearsal for Life!

The show that illustrates the transformational experience of coaching on stage.

Our Inner Negotiation Workshop is like the yellow brick road in The Wizard of Oz.

Diverse people come with various objectives and through the group coaching, an environment of emotional safety, the absence of judgments, and unlimited possibilities, participants create new Operating Systems, reboot and upgrade their beliefs, mindsets, and behaviors to emerge as the very best version of themselves.

Whether they want to find their hearts, to discover their brain, to reveal their courage, find their way back “home,” or to find themselves, all things are possible.

We invite our participants to believe, to trust, and to overcome the obstacles, challenges, and blocks that they experience.

The opening number is, “I Want”. Participants express why they came to this workshop and what they hope to gain from the experience, and what they yearn to leave with different.

It might be being be able to say ‘No,’ lose weight, get their power back, to feel great, to be free, to belong, stop the guilt, get rid of the pain, to find love, to learn to feel, to get a release, to be somebody…to have boundaries, to be assertive, to gain recognition, to forgive, get freedom from guilt, eliminate the sadness, overcome loss, and rebuild the shattered dreams.

We have been conducting our Inner Negotiation Workshop (since 1975) using coaching as our main tool to support and empower the participants in having a breakthrough…to shed light on those blind spots that they cannot resolve on their own.

We have taken the most universal examples from actual workshop participants and woven them into a powerful original script, with 17 highly diverse original songs that correspond to each character.

Eleven hopeful participants (four men, and six women, and one undecided), diverse in age, ethnicity, occupation, age, sexual preference, and objectives gather for a personal development workshop.

They all long to obtain something very specific as they share their stories, some comic, some tragic but all are connected to real human challenges.

Each story is brimming with pathos, humor, and the universal underlying human connection.

The Workshop employs the universal themes of wanting, fearing, risking, loss, breakdown, and breakthrough as the human connectors that touch, elevate, and inspire.

The seasoned workshop leader, Randi, is shocked to discover that Nigel, an old flame of hers, is one of the participants in the workshop she is leading. Nigel’s objective is finding his frozen feelings that keep him from having a fulfilling relationship.

The dialog and actions of the participants show what they need to do to breakout of their personal prisons, start taking risks in order to get what they want.

Lindsey is the first to address her burnout challenge. She shares with the group that in her coaching session with her facilitator she made a list of various requests that others can make to which she would like to find her ‘No.’ She asks for the support of the group and all participants willingly participate in her practice to be able to say, “No.”

Nigel, a British attorney, arrives late, crashing the workshop. He wants to connect to his feelings, which have been frozen for most of his life because of a dominating mother who would not permit any display of emotion in their strict and proper London home.

Lee expresses his guilt of not living up to his Asian father’s expectations.

Ashley, who identifies with Lee, since they are the youngest participants, finds her courage to share her secret. It is the (“Voice in her head”) that makes her wish she were dead.

Tamara is becoming more and more triggered. As each participant has their breakthrough, she feels as if her moment is coming closer and this creates both fear and resistance.

This opens the door for Maurice to tackle his issue of being invisible and ignored by the Hollywood insiders. He claims his right to (“Change the Game”). This enables him to express his anger regarding his situation.

Randi expresses her dismay regarding Nigel’s presence in, (“What is Nigel Doing Here”)? They had dated, and it never was resolved. Nigel came to find out if Randi ever cared for him, and if so, what happened.

You must see it for yourself…in our 90-minute production, so much happens; you will laugh, cry, and you will see so many aspects of yourself that you, yourself may also be transformed!

We will have packages available for passionate Aussies who want to witness this world premiere featuring coaching in a totally new light.

If you have always dreamed of coming to Bangkok but could never justified the time away, this is your opportunity to write off the trip as “Business Research” to see the application of coaching to a live stage production.

Dates: May 18, 19, 29, 30, 31, June 1 st , 2019 Place: Thailand Cultural Center, Bangkok

To find out more write to: [email protected]

Chérie Carter-Scott, Ph.D. ICF Master Certified Coach, Mentor Coach and ICF Assessor is known as the “Mother of Coaching” since she started training coaches in 1974.

She has appeared on numerous global media tours including: Oprah, The Today Show, CNN, and hundreds of TV, radio, and print interviews.

She has worked on 5 continents in over 30 countries and has licensing partners training coaches in over six locations on three continents. In addition, she is an OD consultant to Fortune 500 companies worldwide and is a subject matter expert in Coaching, Mentoring, Customer Service, Change management, and overcoming negativity.

She is Executive Producer of, the Coaching documentary, and co-author of The Workshop, A Dress Rehearsal for Life musical!

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