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By: Stewart Fleming • 7 months ago •

Do you remember watching Towards 2000? Launched in 1981, it was an ABC show dedicated to new science and technology. In 1993, it was picked up by Network 10, changing to Beyond 2000.

Now we are 20 years beyond 2000 and technological development are continuing to accelerate.

And yet, while much has changed, many predictions have not come to pass. We don’t have flying cars, robot butlers or hover-boards.

In 1966, there was an article in Time magazine predicting we would soon be replaced by robots. An almost identical article ran in 2012.

So, what does all this mean for coaching?

While I predict that technology will play more of a role in coaching with each passing year, replacing an industry requires societal changes that outstrip the technical problems.

Technology is already changing faster than we can comfortably accept it, and so, manufacturers have implemented release schedules that allow us to ‘ease into it’.

Your job as a coach is safe, if you upskill regularly and embrace new technology when it makes sense to do so.

Before technology can be the answer, we need to know what the question is and that is where we, as coaches, make our mark.

Throughout this edition are references to many tools and technologies that help with various problems in your coaching world.

Decide if the problem it solves is important to you, then evaluate each on its merits.

With all our new technology, we still only have 24 hours in the day, so use them wisely.

Until we meet again, Happy Coaching.

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