Editors Letter - Adversity Edition

By: Stewart Fleming • 4 years ago •

Sweet are the uses of adversity,
Which, like the toad, ugly and venomous,
Wears yet a precious jewel in his head;

William Shakespeare


uxury, comfort, safety; we say we want these things, we work hard to have them but they are the polar opposite of what makes us. We are all forged by the adversities we have faced and overcome but not all challenges promote healthy growth.

Tragedy is adversity without a lesson.

Sometimes we become who we are despite the challenges rather than because of them. As coaches, we realise this and work to balance adversity with results. With just enough challenge, hardship and adversity, we grow stronger rather than breaking.

While recognising that not all adversity is a chance for growth, the approach for both is nearly identical. We must face up and overcome.

In this issue we explore the spectrum of adversity from financial problems to prison, from the depths of despair to the heights of success. Adversity does not just happen when things are going right. Commando Steve tells us about his brush with death, Hayden Kennedy talks about the challenges of the AFL umpire and Mick Miller goes from a 4-year Olympic cycle to a 10-minute cycle of life due to cancer. Achievements in Business, Sport and Life are made all the sweeter by the journey we have taken, and challenges are the milestones by which we measure our life.

Challenges are the milestones by which we measure our life.

Your job as a coach is to help people overcome their personal tragedies and provide a bit of extra, growth-focused adversity, giving them the stone on which to sharpen themselves, ready for the next battle.

I hope this issue helps you recognise your own milestones and gives some useful tips for your upcoming battles.

Happy Coaching!

Stewart Fleming

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