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Editors Letter - Commonwealth Games Edition

By: Stewart Fleming • 2 years ago •

Every four years, the Commonwealth countries of the British Empire compete in a multi-sport games, similar to the Olympic Games but not as inclusive.

Now the best Commonwealth Coaches bring their athletes see who has the strongest mindset, the clearest why and, of course, the best coach to pull all this together.

It kicks off with Queen's Baton Relay, a games tradition that calls the Commonwealth's athletes to come together in peaceful and friendly competition.

The Gold Coast 2018 Queen’s Baton Relay is set to be the longest in Commonwealth Games history. Covering 230,000 km over 388 days, the Baton will make its way through the six Commonwealth regions of Africa, the Americas, the Caribbean, Europe, Asia and Oceania.

Can you imagine using this method to spread a message around the world? These days we use Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to spread instant messages with the world.

With all this sharing, you would be forgiven to think we have become the most informed people in history, but the evidence doesn’t bare this out.
With all the noise, it is harder and harder for us to sift, sort and pick out the information that appeals to us.

Our message, as coaches, is usually to an individual or, at most, a team. We deliver personal performance where it can make the most difference, but for some, the delivery method is changing.

I am seeing some amazing changes in how we deliver coaching and keep our clients accountable. This will offer coaches the opportunity to deliver coaching on a much bigger scale, while retaining the personal connectivity and trust.

There are a number of programs working towards this already and in the next edition, we will be exploring a number of these and how you can leverage your own time for more clients, more business and more profits.

Until then, Happy Coaching.

Stewart Fleming

COACHINGLIFE is the vision of our founder, Stewart Fleming. With over 20 businesses to his name, he has created ventures around the world in many industries.

Now as the creator of COACHINGLIFE, Stewart brings his skills and vision to build the best community of coaches the world has ever seen.

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