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Editors Letter - Paralympic Edition

By: Stewart Fleming • 2 years ago •


his time last year, I was sitting in my office, staring out the window at the dry, Queensland bush, wondering how I could be the best coach possible. I wanted to talk to the best coaches in the world and find their secrets, to learn what makes their clients champions in sport, business and life.

In the last 12 months I have interviewed more than 180 coaches who create excellence every week. For the most part, these amazing people are quiet and unassuming. They are the true Clark Kents to their clients Superman achievements. And just as Clark Kent provides direction to his alien, force of nature, alter-ego, coaches provide the pivot point for excellence in their clients.

It has been an amazing 12 months with 9 editions created containing over 200,000 words in over 180 articles. We are now a recognised professional development tool for all swimming coaches in the country and have partnered with universities to ensure our content is top-notch.

Now, with the Paralympic Edition, we offer the most inspiring edition to date. I challenge anyone to watch the Paralympics and not think “I’m not trying hard enough”. In interviewing the coaches that work with these athletes, I now have a new appreciation of achievement. These amazing people have already overcome so much that even missing out on selection is handled with dignity and courage. (see Glenn Tasker article) I even managed to interview the crooner, Tony Dee, from the amazing Superhuman advertisement created by Channel 4 in the UK.

As a coach, you get to bring out the super-human in your client, regardless of the tall buildings in front of them or the bullets they need to outrace. You allow them to tap into the super powers within and conquer the various forms of Kryptonite that affect us all.

You are the coach behind the superman. It’s hard that, as coaches, we need recognised success to keep the clients coming and food on the table.

In the next edition, we will be addressing this very thing with specific articles on marketing, building profile and creating a successful business. An edition not to be missed, so until then, enjoy the Paralympics and …

Happy Coaching!

Stewart Fleming

COACHINGLIFE is the vision of our founder, Stewart Fleming. With over 20 businesses to his name, he has created ventures around the world in many industries.

Now as the creator of COACHINGLIFE, Stewart brings his skills and vision to build the best community of coaches the world has ever seen.

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