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By: Stewart Fleming • 10 months ago •

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In a few years’ time, when we look back on the year of 2018, I think we will be able to see the start of a significant shift in the world of coaching.

We now have our own feature movie coming out and from the Coaching Life vantage point, I can see changes throughout the industry in all fields of specialty.

Sports coaching is moving to a more hands-on approach with a greater emphasis on work outside the training room. (See the article on page 21)

Executive coaching is being picked up by most large organisations with permanent internal coaches on call for better ROI.

Business coaches are reporting a record year with greater acceptance and stronger business returns for their clients.

Life coaches and all specialties continue to show strong growth and the latest update from the ICF shows an organisation ready to take the lead, prepared for change and committed to professional growth.

It is an exciting time to be a coach, bringing out the best in people and organisations.

We impact real people, change lives and deliver results that will echo down through history.

It is a huge responsibility but if we work hard, learn wherever we can and grow every day, I believe we are up to the challenge.

When I started Coaching Life, I saw an industry with almost unlimited potential but unable to find a clear way forward.

Over the last 3 years and 17 editions, we have featured over 300 coaches from around the world. These are people with amazing experience and qualifications who dedicate themselves to helping people be a better version of themselves.

In the next edition of Coaching Life, we explicitly explore the future of our wonderful profession. From the advances in technology to our changing social landscape, coaching is moving ahead and we are here to document the story.

I love that we can provide the world with Direction, Information and Motivation.

Enjoy your own personal journey and until next time, Happy Coaching.


Stewart Fleming

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