Empowering Youth To Thrive

By: Greg Dodge • 10 months ago •


A new innovative pilot project, Empowering Youth To Thrive (EYTT), funded by Commonwealth (DET), run by charity trust, Pathways To Resilience, has been launched in Logan City, to explore new ways to incorporate neuroscience and growth mindset for young disengaged Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islanders and Pacifica youth aged 15-24 to employment or learning opportunities. 

The project is utilising a multi-strand of engaging techniques, ranging from Neuro (brain)games, rock climbing, Hip Hop music making, Body Wisdom, African Drum Circles, Yarning Circles, Cultural awareness, Hero’s Journey, Camps and Arts Therapy. 

Four specialist youth guides use a range of methods to engage the youth to participate in the project to improve social and emotional wellbeing of participants.  

“The work we do is to help them from the inside out. Empower them to explore their inner genius, or spark, to fire up the passion inside them to help them make better decisions for their future,” says James Ryan, Project Manager of EYTT.

Griffith University are the research partner and are looking closely at the results to develop the pilot project as a potential national rollout.

In order to move people towards the goal of employability, we must consider

the impact their life circumstances may have had on their brain development.

Research shows that people from low socioeconomic areas often have overdeveloped limbic system’s fight, flight, freeze networks, and an associated reduction of higher-brain executive functions.

EYTT Project includes examining in more detail how using a model of understanding, based in

neuroscience and growth mindset, can structure a program of emotional healing, transformation and the building of social and emotional skills necessary to engage in work or learning.

Through using creative arts, music, stories, exercise, brain training and social and emotional programs, the project aims to empower young people in learning and happiness, assist with transitioning into employment or learning, increase confidence in themselves, and ensure they build stronger relationships in the workplace and community.

The Project Team will work collaboratively with families and caregivers, as well as employers, education providers and job service providers to ensure participants receive a range of case management support.

Following an initial participant interview, participants will complete training and activities integrating

neuroscience and creative arts for 4 days per week for 12 weeks. 

Participants will be provided with transport, exercise sessions and catering during the daily sessions.

The team also give ongoing mentoring throughout the two-year project.

The project has five more to deliver, 20 in each program, and concludes in 2019.   

The next project begins on January 15, 2018.


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