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The Power of NLP Coaching in Leadership Development

Eliminating that Sunday Night Feeling

In Australia/New Zealand, employee engagement scores fall below worldwide engagement levels, despite employees rating satisfaction in their overall life higher than any other global region (Gallup, 2017).

Managers and leaders are in a unique position to improve the everyday experiences of their employees and bridge this gap, eliminating that Sunday night feeling – that sense of dread that stems from a job or workplace culture people don’t want to be part of.

What if our managers were well equipped to lead their teams in a meaningful way that inspires comradeship, positivity and a united focus –supporting individuals to be the best they can be and creating a great team culture?

A team that receives clear goals, open communication and structured guidance from an inspired, empathetic and self-aware leader will produce the right energy and results to ensure that no-one dreads Monday morning, including the manager.

It’s time for us to deepen leadership training using NLP Coaching, develop more Mindful Managers and in turn, build workplaces our employees are proud to be part of.

Gallup research shows that about 70% of the variance in engagement among teams can be attributed to their manager. Yet, often new managers are not officially trained for that crucial role.

Alternatively, they’re offered cookie-cutter, skills-based management training programs, that don’t take into account the personal development needs of individuals.

Inspirational leaders appear at all levels of an organisation, and whilst understanding the nuts and bolts of management processes is important, the best managers have natural leadership talents, combined with high levels of empathy and self-awareness.

Unfortunately, most organisations still rely on hierarchy and technical skills when hiring managers, rather than taking a holistic view of someone’s leadership potential.

NLP Coaching Process

A series of one-on-one coaching sessions using Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Time Line Therapy® to identify and release negative emotions and beliefs from the past that are limiting a person’s potential. The focus is on achieving behavioural excellence through powerful communication and self-leadership strategies.

Benefits of NLP Coaching and Time Line Therapy®

A more holistic view of leadership development begins with the individual and includes one-on-one coaching to enable new leaders. Even the most self-aware of us know that there are sometimes blockages to our true potential, linked to past experiences. These are deeply rooted in the unconscious mind and have a strong emotional anchor that holds them in place.

Using Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Time Line Therapy®, it’s possible to release the past, along with the associated negative emotions and limiting decisions, to achieve peak performance.

The freedom from past constraints and unresolved emotions allows leaders to be a more authentic version of themselves.

This gives themselves permission to drop the mask and connect with others on a deeper level. A prerequisite to becoming a Mindful Manager – one who is people-centred and conscious of how they show up in the world.

Bridging the Gap Between Leadership Training and Real Life

In addition to developing Mindful Managers, it’s important to bridge the gap between leadership concepts taught in the training room and the reality of management in the boardroom.

Too often, training is a great conversation followed by very little action.

We’ve probably all been to a workshop with the best intentions of implementing learnings, only to put the workbook on the shelf and forget about it.

Effective leadership development requires practice in having leadership conversations. If specific management training modules are spaced out over time, with NLP coaching sessions in between them, we have a chance to bring the theory into life using team-based “Curious Conversations”.
These are relevant conversations that managers design and implement with their teams, based on what they learned in the training room. For example, this might be a manager-led conversation and group training exercise around empathy within the team and the employment of emotional intelligence techniques.

These 20-30-minute conversations are best conducted as part of business as usual during regular team meetings and the outcomes reported on in the subsequent training module.

During regular one-on-one NLP coaching sessions, managers notice what limiting beliefs or negative self-talk is coming up around having Curious Conversations with their teams. These can then be worked on and released using NLP Coaching and Time Line Therapy®.

The benefits of combining Leadership Training and Curious Conversations with NLP Coaching are three-fold:

1)      Management theory is applied and implemented in a way that’s relevant, rather than simply understood and not used.

2)      Team members are integral to the process and benefit directly from the shared knowledge and exercises.


3)      Self-limiting beliefs are brought to light and resolved as they arise from real-life situations.

“When employees in Australia and New Zealand have enthusiasm for their work that matches their positive feelings about their life overall, they will have a sense of well-being that is among the highest in the world.”

State of the Global Workplace, 2017 Gallup Inc.


Claire Turner

Management & Leadership Trainer, Executive NLP Coach

Claire is the owner of The Training Alliance Australia. She delivers Management and Leadership training and coaching programs for businesses and individuals that create lasting behavioural change and is an expert at keeping people accountable to the plans and decisions they make.

She is passionate about giving people the skills and tools they need to improve their work lives. Her mission is to eliminate that “Sunday night feeling”, by enabling more people to enjoy the time they spend at work.

Claire also works closely with Wesley Mission, engaging corporate organisations in team building activities that give back to the community and raise the empathy level of participants regarding local issues.

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