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Professional Speakers Australia

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I love speaking! The privilege of standing on stage and sharing a leadership communication message 1:many… well, it’s the biggest stretch and the best move I made commercially to amplify my influence and bring about real, relevant change in the shortest timeframe.

Fast forward from the days of the red blush slowly creeping up my neck, to the boldness of stepping into the spotlight and presenting at conferences and events for various employers as a senior executive, I made the courageous move in 2009 to step out as an entrepreneur with a message.

I knew I wanted to be a professional speaker first and foremost and reach the most amount of people I could in face to face encounters, but where did I start?

Navigating the tightrope of placing value on my IP and marketing myself required a different set of skills and this came with huge emotional attachment to the outcomes.

Something needed to shift, and I knew what I was looking for. I was on the hunt. I began researching and looking for the people running businesses as professional conference speakers, and I found them.

Joining "Professional Speakers Australia" in 2009, was the single best move I made. I had found the industry Peak Body association I was searching for. It’s here I chose to expand my thinking, consider different business models, connect with my peers at our monthly professional development events and contribute as a volunteer.

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Pathways to Professional Speakers Australia membership

Are you generating more than $50,000 a year as a paid speaker? You may be eligible to join as a “Professional Member”

Do you have a lot of conference experience and have you derived more than $400,000 directly from presentation-generated revenue as part of your business model over the past years? If you have, you may wish to explore the designation criteria for Certified Speaking Professional – CSP.
Join us at the annual PSA Convention, being held in March 2019 at Peppers SALT Resort Kingscliff, NSW Australia and come to be a part of the tribe that experts like Allan Pease CSP, Amanda Stevens CSP, Keith Abraham CSP,  Michael McQueen CSP, Rabia Siddique CSP and Louise Mahler CSP all call home.

Learn more about the industry peak body, membership pathways and convention when you visit

Speaking Increases Coaching Opportunities

It was after my first paid speaking engagement in 2009 that an audience member came up to me and asked me if I also did coaching, as she wanted help beyond the event. We discussed this at length. I embarked on more research and study and developed our pilot coaching program as a result. Nine years on and our business model includes a healthy percentage of coaching and consulting in addition to the conference speaking, breakout sessions, high-stakes facilitation and keynote presentations that I deliver.

Oh, and the rewards? This year I’m serving as PSA National President and Chairman of the Board.

It’s pretty special giving back to the association and our members, who gave so much to me, while our business continues to reach into the hearts and minds of leaders.

It’s your time to speak up!

“Tarran Deane has been helping leaders go from “Good To Great” for almost 10 years. She is an internationally recognised expert and executive coach in the areas of Leadership, Change and Communication.

She has helped more than 36,000 leaders worldwide; her book “The Alphabet Principle – Your A-Z Guide to Being a Compelling Leader” has sold globally as far afield as New York, Singapore, Ireland, and … Tamworth NSW; Her Mum bought that one.

She is the 2018 President for Professional Speakers Australia, having joined in 2009 as a self-described “corporate refugee”

With a past career as a national executive of a $55 million national `Not for Profit’, Tarran enjoys a fast lane of another kind, incorporating her Ducati 800 Monster in her presentations!


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