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Here at Coaching Life Magazine (CLM), we are always on the lookout for the next Big innovation hot spots or the next new thing that is likely to have a major impact on the Coaching Industry.

Late in 2017 we uncovered a real gem when CLM identified a Brisbane technology company that is flying under the radar, working on a new application specifically designed for Mentoring and Coaching.

A chance restaurant meeting…

It pays to be active in your local community because it was through a connection at a local restaurant that CLM editor Stewart Fleming was introduced to Mentifi Co-Founder Derek Morgan.

The initial conversation was around Mentifi’s collaboration with Australian National University building out a mentoring platform to meet the needs of universities and their Alumni/Student and Peer to Peer mentoring programs.

This conversation quickly led to “how can this cloud platform and mobile app be specifically designed to meet the needs of the Business, Executive and Sports Coaches?”

Digging deeper in to the history of Mentifi and Hub3c the software development company behind the product, it became very clear there was something significant going on with this coaching application.

Collaboration on Coaching

What became clear to CLM from our early investigation was that the CLM community has an opportunity to influence a coaching platform and how the product evolves moving forward so that you have access to best of breed technology purpose built for the specific coaching disciplines of business, executive, sports or life coaches.


Taking a look at the history of the Hub3c you quickly uncover a software development company that is in touch with the realities of their client’s needs and a willingness to not only listen to feedback, they take action.

Hub3c founder Mike Beachy-Head and business partner Derek Morgan both came from a strong advisory and sales background in financial services. This required complex consulting advise and mentoring clients through the investment process and coming to grips with all the complexity, goal setting, vision building and developing a client’s EQ as they handheld clients through the emotional roller coaster that comes with investing in volatile markets.

This led to Hub3c custom building its own software to manage the complex consulting relationships involved in delivering business risk and succession planning advice.

From these humble beginnings in 2012, clients started requesting custom built software using Hub3c Platform as a Service and Business Applications.

Through this customised development process, it became clear there was a very real need for a retail platform specifically designed for the cloud and productivity needs of small business.  This resulted in the release to the B2B platform iPaaS Hub in 2016. iPaaS Hub is designed to help SME/SMB’s with simple turn-key solutions to help better connect, communicate and collaborate for more effective and productive results for managing contact, sales tracking and project management.

“It was the iPaaS Hub platform that Australian National University was looking at to solve their Mentoring program needs” says Derek Morgan. “When we looked at what ANU were trying to achieve, rather than get them to modify their process to fit with a B2B platform that had more features and functionality than they needed. We decided to build an application specifically to meet the needs of a mentoring or coaching program”.

Derek went on to say that “when we first started developing Mentifi our focus was very much on Universities, education generally, corporate Executive Teams and HR departments. What became obvious to us after meeting CLM was the bigger impact we could have by partnering with experts in the coaching industry and helping coaches work with more clients to hit their goals.”

The outcome of this process is an application that is powerful, yet easy to use and ticks a lot of key considerations.

For example:

  • The account setup wizard can have you up and running in minutes
  • User accounts for coaches and clients are easy to setup with a simple walk through wizard
  • Clients can set their own goals or you can allocate goals as a coach
  • You get to monitor goal progress in real-time, making feedback and coaching calls more effective
  • Goals can be linked to Rewards to keep clients motivated and focused
  • Where there are big goals that require a number of action items, you can create activities and link them to a goal with start, end and reminder dates, complete with automated follow-up. This gives you a history of actions taken to achieve the goal.
  • There are Dashboards that update in real-time to keep everyone informed of how things are tracking.
  • You can easily track your client contact with inbuilt communication via instant messaging for individuals and groups, with voice and video call capability to be released in May.

Whilst Mentifi is not being formally launched to the marketplace until June this year, Mentifi has agreed to provide Coaching Life Readers pre-release access.

If you would like access to a Free account to trial the Mentifi application visit:

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