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Top 10 Coaching Qualities - Hazel Herrington

By: Hazel Herrington • 2 years ago •


A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way.

I’ve come across and read about several game-changing coaches, as you probably have too. If you watch them closely they all possess one thing in common and this is true regardless of their reach and impact.

The truth is they all started out just like the rest of us – as ordinary people. But they never stopped there like rest of others rather nurtured their coaching skills in them to stand out tall among the crowd.

What makes them a remarkable coach is their remarkable drive and passion to make a difference. Enthusiasm coupled with an aspired “reach” or “vision” that was bigger than ‘normal’.

Are you looking to change the world with your coaching skills? These 10 coaching qualities are for difference-makers of every size and stature.

10 Qualities to awaken the extraordinary coach in you.

  1. A good coach values and encourages their team and the client. A coach should understand that people are magnanimous. Success can be reached only with the help of the others. A coach who appreciates genuinely triggers encouragement and develops
    confidence and builds on strengths.
  2. This is one of the most pivotal characteristics of an extraordinary coach. Trust and confidence in leadership is a reliable indicator of employee satisfaction. Good coaches aren’t afraid of being challenged. Their confidence inspires.
  3. Compassion is a strength. A good coach uses compassion to perceive the needs of those they coach and to decide a course of action that is of greatest benefit to the person and the team.
  4. Perhaps I should have put this at the top of my list? A courageous coach is prepared to take risks when no one else will. A courageous leader has faith in other people. A courageous coach raises difficult issues, is ready to give difficult feedback, and share unpopular opinions.
  5. To persevere in conviction, courage, creativity, compassion, and character we need diligence. Good coaches work hard.
  6. Fairness is what people want. Good coaches don’t have favourites in the team. They reward for results not partiality; they promise fairness.
  7. The good coach can flex. They alter and adapt their style according to the situation, context and circumstances they experience. They welcome new ideas and change.
  8. Wise coaches are not afraid of communicating the truth to their people. Honesty is about being truthful, having integrity, and building trust. Honesty leads to better more productive relationships.
  9. Good coaches are impartial. They recognize their biases, prejudices, and predispositions. They also recognize biases in others and face them.
  10. Good coaches are responsive to their clients. They adjust their behaviour to best match the situation, listen to and value every single session with every client.

Hazel knows what is takes to change the world and is an active member and contributor to UN Women Australia National Committee and Voice of Hope to many nations, delivering empowerment workshops and programs to
transform policies and improve the lives of women and youth globally.

She has used her values to empower and equip more than 20,000 entrepreneurs in Southern Africa to become economically independent and self-sufficient and spoken to audiences of 40,000 and more globally facilitating community development and contributing to the sustainable development of nations.

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