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The Secret To Duplicating Your Best Performers

1.       Make mentoring easy To Do

2.       Make it easy To Do consistently

3.       Have visible accountability without having to do more reporting

4.       Create systems to capture and scale IP

At the end of this article we will point you in the direction of a simple, yet powerful application that can help you successfully deliver and scale mentoring for your business or clients.

First, let’s look at some of the challenges and opportunities.

There is one thing you can guarantee any organization and that is their best people are leaving sooner or later, for one reason or another.

One of the biggest missed opportunities within many organizations is how to effectively capture and scale the intellectual property and experience that resides within their best people.

Whilst informal training, or mentoring is widely accepted as a powerful and highly leveraged way of training people.

The unfortunate reality is that many organizations do not maximize the potential of the talent that exists within their business.

Even within large companies with focused HR teams and dedicated mentoring programs, the best of intentions can quickly lose momentum if you cannot effectively get your staff to execute on the mentoring program consistently and the results are not measurable.

 For example, one business we are working with who is a big advocate of mentoring, runs an international organization with thousands of staff.

They have a structured mentoring program that covers 3 levels of executive and management for over 5,000 employees.

Despite having a structured program and a manual on what mentoring is and how it needs to be delivered.

There was no way for the organization to track the progress and success of the mentoring program and ongoing relationships between Mentor and Mentee.

To set an organization up to succeed with informal training or mentoring we need to look a little deeper at the secrets to mentoring success. 


Make Mentoring Easy to Do

In the hectic environment that is business today, if systems and processes are not easy to do, and just as importantly reminding people to do it- then consistency suffers.

Technology abounds in most companies. However, it never ceases to amaze us how difficult it can be to effectively develop and deliver internal processes on existing resources.

Typically, you end up with a complex set of tools, processes and yet more ‘How To’ training on how to run your mentoring programs.

This is largely the reason there has been such a high level of growth and demand for specialist applications and platforms in the mentoring space.

In the past, one of the biggest challenges with delivering and growing a mentoring program for SME’s and corporates, has been the cost of dedicated mentoring software to be able to systemize the process.

Fortunately, the cost of software, systemization and training is being overcome by specialist mentoring Apps that have an affordable entry cost, making them cost-effective at scale for both SME’s and Corporates.

Make it easy to do consistently

Far too often mentoring platforms are not mobile friendly. Nowadays convenience is the key to success in most things.

Ideally, if you want a mentoring program to be effective, the mentors and mentees need to be able to manage the mentoring relationship in a way that fits with busy schedules.

This engagement flexibility becomes even more critical when it comes to mentoring programs for C Level, Executives and Senior Management. Travel and scheduling for accountability sessions can be incredibly difficult.

The easier the communication and engagement process is, the greater the likelihood of success for the mentoring program. This is where simple systems and mobile flexibility can make or break the success of the mentoring program.

Accountability without more reporting

‘What gets measured gets managed’ – however the last thing frazzled managers or staff need is more manual reporting. Particularly when it comes to something as subjective and potentially as individually unique as mentoring.

Ideally, you want a platform or program that can give HR and management insights around engagement within the mentoring program.

When you understand the level or lack of engagement within your mentoring program, then you can make strategic decisions to positively influence your informal training results.

For example, if there is very little in the way of new goals or tasks being generated within the mentoring relationship you can start to question the level of engagement. Likewise, if goals are being set and not met, then you can start to review the level of accountability within the mentoring program.

Having the flexibility for HR or Management to be able to influence the matchmaking process is also critical to success.

Ideally, you want your mentoring report on engagement rather than having a manual or subjective reporting process and yet another thing the team needs to do.

Far too often, the only visibility around the mentoring process is handwritten notes, a raft of emails and various communication spread across a wide number of communication apps.

This makes it very difficult to reflect on the coaching or mentoring process, let alone measure success.


Capture and scale IP

When you have a key employee or high performer, being able to capture and scale their formula for success can have a big impact on individuals and teams. This is where collaboration can add massive value across departments and even across the globe.

If your mentoring program and platform makes it easy to systemize the mentoring process, capture what is working and easily share and scale that information or action, now you have a real recipe for success at scale.

Once you have captured a proven method for success in a systemized process, you can then scale across an organization and have that IP live on within the organization, even if the author leaves the company.

Again, being able to share successes and more importantly having a platform that makes it easy for other staff members and teams to be able to adopt proven processes is the key to successfully scaling what works.

Mentoring Tools

When it comes to mentoring applications, a great place to start is Mentifi.

If you would like free trial access to this powerful and cost-effective mentoring app simply visit:


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