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From "Grand Failures" To Great Victories

Peter Downs takes a look into diversity and inlcusion

It's All About Choice

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Coaching Behind the Mask

Coaching Behind The Mask 7 Steps to Success By Steve Barlow My first impressions of John were positive. He worked as a business advisor and came across as a self-assured professional. We got talking and he inquired about my line of work. I said I’m a change fitness coach (and then had to explain what…

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Personal Branding is for Your Fans

Personal Branding Is For Your Fans. By Lauren Clemett Developing a stand out personal brand as coach is exactly like preparing for grand finals, with equal measures of blood, sweat and tears. Not only does it require the same amount of effort, expertise and clearly defined goals, there’s also the confidence needed for game day,…

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Grand Final Grabs

GRAND FINAL GRABS By Wayne Goldsmith WHAT I’VE LEARNT ABOUT PEOPLE AND PERFORMANCE UNDER PRESSURE I’ve been fortunate to work with some outstanding coaches, athletes and teams for over a quarter of a century. And in that time, I’ve had some incredible opportunities to be part of several successful – and not so successful –…

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