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One Question

Being a business coach is a dream job. The click you have with your coachee is indescribable. The things you share, the actions you agree on, the progress you make. The intimacy is almost like a marriage. One of the most impressive times I felt and saw the impact of a great coach was back…

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Put Your Oxygen Mask on First

Too often we hear of the accountant whose books don’t balance, the builder with an unfinished house and,… uh hum… the business coach without a clear and documented plan. Here is my confession, I’ve taken far to long building my plan. And it has cost me dearly! WINNING THE WAR AND LOSING THE BATTLE My…

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Coaching Through COVID and Beyond

It happened so fast. One minute it seemed that I was gearing up for a year of speaking events (and going to great gigs!) And the next everything changed. Within 48hrs of New Zealand going to Level 2, all of my regular retreats were cancelled and one of my VIP clients had stopped their coaching…

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