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Achiiva strengthens coaching processes, relationships and results.

Achiiva is a mobile coaching platform that accelerates your impact by driving client accountability and engagement, enhancing communication and capturing progress. It provides all the key functionality needed to drive coaching success in one place.

Suitable for coaching professionals across all disciplines including executive, management, business, fitness, well being and life coaching. Achiiva is the preferred choice by coaches, trainers, managers, consultants and other development professionals to work with their clients on goal achievement and life improvement.

At Achiiva our aim is to keep your clients focused on what matters most, capture key information, maximise engagement and minimise the amount of work you need to do to keep track of your coaching relationship. We simplify and streamline your client interaction, giving back valuable time so you can achieve more in your life and the life of your clients.

Achiiva also makes it easy to demonstrate how much value you add to your client’s life and track the impact you are having on the achievement of client goals and dreams.

All your coaching information remains between you and your client/s. This app does not promote coaches or other information to your clients. It is your private work platform.

Features include:-
– Dashboard – All key client information in one place.
– Private Goals – Create, manage and track your own goals.
– Client Goals – Co-create, manage, edit and track your Clients’ goals.
– Instant Messaging – Keep your coaching conversation in one place. Send messages, photos, words or encouragement or organise meetings. Just like text messaging, you will be notified for every message.
– Insights – Create your own Coaching channel. Post immediately or schedule distribution of educational, motivational or other information to all clients or specific groups of clients.
– Coaching Wheels – Simple and powerful fully customisable coaching wheels. Based on the life coaching concept, create coaching wheels specific to your coaching process allowing clients to regularly ‘check in’ progress providing valuable information on their coaching journey.
– Journals – Reflection is key to learning and progress. Capture key information as and when it happens. Keep your journals private or share them with your coach.
– Live chat – Support that allows you to talk to our team from within the app should you want some guidance.
– Invite and connect with your Clients.

Future features coming soon:-
– Feedback survey
– Desktop version
– Wheel Templates
– Group Coaching
– Simple and powerful functions to motivate and praise clients
– Client Reports

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