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Business, Entrepreneur Edition Are you a Social Coach?


By: David Angel •  3 years ago •  


any of us use Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter as part of our everyday life.

For an aspiring Coach (essentially a small business owner) Social Media is actually a convenient, practical and essential tool that you can utilise to ensure your Coaching business grows.

Before you invest time and money in your Social media presence, first ask “What am I trying to achieve with my Social Media presence?”.

The following are examples of what you can achieve via Social media

  1. Drive traffic to your website
  2. Raise your profile
  3. Gain brand exposure
  4. Attract new clients
  5. Establish/enhance your reputation as an expert in your field of coaching
  6. Sell products/plans/packages
  7. Entertain and provide a public service

Once you have defined your end goals then research just what platforms the specific audience you are targeting spend their time on.

The answers to this question will not only define which social platforms you use but will also define your Social media strategy.

Once you have decided what your goals are then you can begin implementing your strategy.

Create the content and media you are going to use and then post it to your Social platform of choice. Use the free scheduling tools available for all Social media sites to consistently publish your messages at times of the day, and on days of the week that the most organic (free) reach can be achieved.

Most of all be consistent, don’t fall into the trap of posting twice a day for 2 weeks then not at all for 3 weeks.

Most platforms will actively punish this behaviour by driving down your organic reach.

If you only have enough content to post twice a week then post twice a week, but make sure you continue to do so.

The biggest issue you will find is that the people who are already followers of your brand will be the only people that see what you publish!

Your Mum may be a huge fan but she will not be someone that you can earn a living from.

Now comes the “Secret Sauce”.

Once you have produced and published your content take advantage of the Social media advertising tools available on the Social platforms you are using.

Use the known demographics of your preferred audience and promote your content to the people most likely to connect with your brand.

The best example of this is the way Facebook has created many different advertising tools to suit your objective.

Whether you are trying to drive people to your website, gain new followers to your brand or educate potential new client about your “point of difference” via a video or a blog, Facebook will have an advertising tool that will help you achieve these goals.

You don’t even require a huge budget to reach these targeted people, on average $1 spent on Facebook advertising will reach between 50-200 people.

With a budget of only $100 a month, you will be in front of between 5,000-20,000 targeted people who could potentially become clients, followers and eventually brand advocates.

Social media should always be a part of your overall marketing strategy (I am a little biased) but never the only source.

When used in conjunction with other Digital marketing such as SEO, Google Adwords, and even traditional marketing, it becomes exponentially more powerful and effective.

It is crucial to track the success of your efforts through the analytics tools that are offered by the Social sites you are using.

Without learning what is successful and what is not you will end up wasting your advertising dollar for no real return.

Always remember that Social Media is primarily a marketing tool, not a sales tool.

There is no doubt that Social Media can be an essential part of growing your coaching business.

Ensure that you create your social media campaigns with your business goals in mind.

By targeting your effort and resources at a specific target market you can measure the success of each campaign.

Then, and only then, will you know what is working for your business.


After 20 years in small business, David knows that that there is no such thing as an easy dollar. He lives by the motto “The harder you work the luckier you become.” Having built 2 successful service companies, he is now focused on the world of Social Media and the opportunities for SME’s to compete with established brands on social platforms. “For a minimal advertising outlay, new customers can be found and nurtured, in real time, for businesses and brands of all sizes and industries.”

After 10 years managing a Laboratory, I decided to assist David in developing our Mint Social business/brand. With skills in customer communication and an eye for detail, Margi is the customer contact and oversees the analytical focus for Mint Social. “My real strength is in analysing the metrics we gather for the customer reports and breaking down exactly what works, or doesn’t work, for a brand.”

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