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Business, Engagement Edition Attracting Long-Term High-Level Clients


By: Steve Brossman •  4 years ago •  

Having been a competitive sportsperson from the age of 7 through to adulthood and winning State and National track running titles, I’ve had my fair share of sports coaches.

Sadly, a serious back injury brought my career to a sudden halt, forcing me to find another avenue to feed my hunger for sporting success. That’s how I ended up in the fitness industry which became the catalyst for a forty-year career in sports and business coaching.

Stand Up, Stand Out or Stand Aside

Most coaches define themselves by either their profession or their qualifications, e.g. Sports Coach, Life Coach, Business Coach etc. and that is a BIG mistake.

How can you hope to stand out when all you are doing is blending into the crowd?

When you are seen to be the same as everyone else, two things happen:

  1. People go straight to comparing you on price
  2. You generally spend more time and money using marketing to overcome that “sameness”

Your perceived position predicts your profits

To attract and keep more high-level clients, you need to be seen as the unique champion in your market. You need to become the leading authority on the specific way you do things.

What is it that you do differently, or specialise in, that you could incorporate into an outcome-based professional title to stand out in your industry?

You are not your occupation, skills or letters after your name. You have your own Expertise DNA!

To be recognised as a leader in your industry, you must position your DNA (Distinct Niche Authority), in a way that portrays you as the ‘only answer’ in the eyes of your ideal, high-level client! For example, I am not Steve Brossman the personal branding coach, business coach, video marketer or digital marketer, even though all of these encompass my skills and expertise. I have positioned my brand as ‘The Authority Catalyst’: Australia’s leading mentor in Authority Marketing for personal brands and businesses.

You too have to stand out amongst the mainstream. And to do that you need to create your own Expertise DNA and market yourself as the authority to become the client attraction magnet.

The biggest mistake many coaches make is: they try and be the expert of everything and sadly become the leader of none.

Here are several examples of my clients and how they have transitioned to stand out:

Mortgage BrokerProperty Portfolio Strategist
High Level DentistSmile Architect
Spiritual Healer (money blockages)Abundance Breakthrough Specialist
Lawyer (targeting online entrepreneurs)Digital Protection Specialist

Are you still charging by the hour? STOP!

In the real world your clients actually are not interested in buying an hour of your time. What they want from you is the outcome, experience or transformation that the hour delivers.

Your job is to communicate and deliver the outcome they want that fulfils their pains, wants, needs and desires in a way that leaves no doubt in their mind that YOU are the “unique solution” that can transform their life.

Here’s an example:

A person walks into a dental surgery with a bad toothache and asks the price. They are told:  

“Sure our most affordable is $XYZ. Is that OK?” 


“You have a choice of the standard procedure that will take around an hour, is often painful and your mouth will be numb for several hoursI understand you have a fear of pain when it comes to visiting the dentist. I totally understand. We also have a superfast, pain-free treatment which may be a little more expensive, however you will experience no pain or numbness, it only takes 15 mins and you’ll feel back to normal straight away. Which would you prefer?”

To their detriment, the first example is how most professionals promote their services. If you focus on the client’s outcome and personal experience rather than the price, you’ll be way ahead of most of your competitors.

5 Steps to Attracting High Level Clients!

  1. Identify your core strengths, e.g. how you transform people’s lives and/or businesses
  2. Position your unique services (Expertise Distinct Niche Authority)
  3. Package your products and services in an outcome-based framework
  4. Niche down into a section of the market where you are seen as the unique solution to your ideal clients
  5. Communicate your ‘Authority Positioning’ using innovative mediums including videos, books and speaking

Building Relationships with Videos

Videos now accounts for 80% of internet traffic and are the fastest way to be seen as an authority in your industry. When used correctly, they are the most effective way to start a relationship before even meeting your prospective clients.

One of my favourite stand out strategies using videos is very successful securing new clients, by creating a lasting first impression. After our initial meeting, I shoot them a very quick and personal video (usually on my phone) and send it off in a video email. The client receives this video in their normal email and it opens up, fully branded, with me talking directly to them.

This personalised follow-up communication strategy has the ‘wow factor’ all over it. Not only is it unexpected and pleasantly surprising, it’s also innovative and creative, putting you immediately on the ‘memorable’ list with your customers and clients. It should be your preferred choice for doing business and coaching.

This is standard practice now for me for clients or ex-clients I haven’t seen for ages, or coaching clients I want to follow up with on something specific.

Catapult your positioning with a book

Becoming an author is the most powerful way you can be seen as an authority and stand out in your market. With today’s digital age, books are much more than just words on paper.

In my book Stand Up, Stand Out or Stand Aside I have links and QR codes to free training videos. By the end of the book, not only have they read my words, they feel like they already know me even before our very first meeting or call.

Do you think that if a person has read my book, watched my free training videos, filled in a survey, booked in a free strategy call, they are pretty interested in taking the next steps with me?


Not only does this save me time, but it weeds out 95% of non-ideal clients giving me more time to focus on my desired affluent target audience. The latest technologies can be used to enhance or distract from the relationship with your people. How you use them is up to you.

Leveraging your voice

Speaking has been labelled the most lucrative skill you can develop in your coaching business. Not only are you seen as the authority because you are front and centre in the room, you are also leveraging your time and expertise by being able to attract more of the right people all in one go.

The belief that you have to be big, loud and bold to successfully master the art of closing clients in a room is incorrect. The only skill you need to learn, is how to connect with the audience, to engage with them in a way that identifies you as the only person who can help them get their desired outcome and inspire them to take action. If you can master this, then speaking will be the most lucrative skill you will ever own in your business.

Coaches impact lives!

Whether you are a Sports Coach, Business Coach or Life Coach, ultimately you transform lives for the better. When you are seen as an authority and focus on the relationships and impact, you will attract your ideal long-term clients and become the ‘stand out leader’ in your industry.


Nearly 20 years ago, a mum brought her son to me to coach as he wanted to win the 100m sprint at his school athletics carnival. His progress was very quick early on, so he entered the 100m, 200m and 400m races at the school carnival just to get extra points for his house. He ended up winning all three events, and his times in the 200m and 400m were very impressive.

His original goal was to get to Zone and be competitive. We totally exceeded that by winning all three events again, however I looked at his times and together we made the tough call to focus only on the 400m race for regional.

It turned out to be a good move as he made the final and came 3rd, winning a trip to the State Championships. This was not even a goal on the radar earlier in the year.

I truly believe coaches are the catalyst to self-belief.

3 weeks later at the State Championships, he won bronze making it into the National Titles and we were both blown away. That was the moment when he really started believing in himself and found a hunger to see how far he could go.

He ran his best race in the National final and was 3rd, beating everyone from his home state. In one season he had gone from a kid who wanted to do well in his school sport, to being a National medallist and school hero. As a coach it was a proud moment that I will remember always.

He continued training and running with me for several years until he moved away to University although we stayed in touch. Recently I received a heartfelt message from his mum that made me realise just what an impact a coach can have on another human being’s life:

 “Steve, I wanted to let you know that Matt has just become a father. I want to thank you once again for everything you did for him going through his teenage years. I’m not sure you realise the impact you had. Thank you.”

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