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By: Michelle Pascoe •  4 years ago •  

As 2015 comes to a close and many of our clients start to wind down to a well-earned break, it’s time that we focus our energy into creating the business that we want in 2016. Now for some, this may mean repeating what you did well in 2015, however, for many it is all about tweaking, reviewing and assessing strategies, systems and what we really want from our business.

Finally after twenty one years of business I am taking my own advice and making the time to look at my business and to make sure I tick off my To Do List, research and even surpass my targets while still being able to function happily as a wife, mum and a nanna.

Spring cleaning the office recently, I found some notes at the bottom of a draw which I had obviously put there to not lose. They had been buried under equally, if not more important, paper work and therefore the great ideas that I had scrawled across the paper are still there on the paper and had not been put into practice. To be honest, this has happened a few times over the years and there is nothing worse than finding that note from ten years ago that has the idea that could have made a big difference in your business. However, it is not too late.

In 2016 I am going to make sure that the notes don’t get buried but instead become a 12 monthplan with each step to be ticked off and a reminder to celebrate the wins.

The foundation of my plan will be what I love best about being a Coach and may I suggest you make this a priority for you. Write down the key aspects that you enjoy, describe your ideal client in words so you clearly create a “client demographic” that you are going to focus on.

Like you, over the years I have enjoyed working with a variety of clients but I must say the work that I do in the Hospitality Industry is something I am truly passionate about. Coaching individuals and teams who work on a 24 hour roster is enlightening, as many of them only have a brief hand over and the teams they are leading are quick to try divide and conquer. My work involves looking at their values and how the role that they hold impacts on their team and peers.

Coaching an individual from when they first join the industry through to a management role is truly fulfilling. It’s that moment when they begin to believe in themselves, they appear to walk taller, take more care in their personal appearance and shine from within. It’s coaching those that you can see have the potential and because of what I do through coaching they transform into a person who is self confident and well deserving of their new role.

To create a coaching business in 2016 that you are truly passionate about and has capacity for long term growth, what do you need to do and put in place? With time being so precious, let me suggest that you just FOCUS on three key areas:





Telephone, Writing, Website and Face to Face

Each communication must be focussed upon the client, their outcomes and what you can deliver.

How often do you miss calls? Is there someone who can answer the telephone (professionally) that your clients can speak to? There is less chance of losing a prospective client if they speak to someone instead of leaving a phone message.

This also goes for existing clients. If a client feels that you are “constantly busy” and can never speak to you when they want to (within reason) then they may start seeking out another Coach. It is great to be busy but don’t let it interfere with all the hard work that you do by pushing clients away because they can’t reach you.

For some, the website has become a supplementary “Business Development Manager”, with some Coaches believing that the prospective client can learn all about them and what they offer online before they speak to them. The website is an overview of your business but it can’t replace you actually talking to the person (or skype due to long distance) and answering their questions, well before the “sales pitch kicks in”. Coaching is all about connecting.

Marketing is a constantly changing process in business, as are your clients. They maybe the same demographic, but the way they find out about your service has changed and websites and apps are the “First impression” of your business.

When was the last time you did an audit on your website and perhaps even your competitors? It’s easy to say “I’m going to do a blog or post those photos or update the information on Page 3” but actually writing it down in the 12 month plan to be performed on a certain day leaves no room for out of date or incorrect information.


Repeatedly we are told; we need to immerse yourselves into social media = Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, blogs, newsletters, e-zines, published articles, you tube clips and podcasts. Whether you do some or all, it is important to do it consistently and then measure your marketing returns.

Choose the social media channels of your current clients, then pick out the top three channels and FOCUS upon them.

For many of us keeping up with the trends in technology is very time consuming and not our true passion. Undertaking an online course or a seminar on “How to” may assist you. If you have the ideas and not the time then engage someone who can make it happen.

The hiring of a Virtual Assistant or somebody to come into your office is not easy for coaches who have worked “solo” for many years. It is important that the person that you do hire lives and breathes your values; understands the culture of your business and how it connects with your clients.

After many years of employing staff and VA’s, I know that it is not an easy task and sometimes you have to make the decision to “fire as quick as you hire”. There has to be the right fit for you, them and most importantly your clients, especially if you have been “solo” for a long time.

Before starting out on this journey ask yourself:

 What are the core values of your business and do they underpin the organisational culture of your business?

 Do you have an interview and induction program when engaging someone to speak on behalf of your business?


The foundation of all businesses is the experience that is provided to our clients. It’s the feeling that they have before, during and after the interaction. No matter how good the marketing is, if the experience is delivered in an unfocused manner, chances are there won’t be ongoing business from a client or referrals to others.

Research shows that there is a buying cycle that differs on experiences as well as for people.

Your job as a Coach is to figure this out:

 Who is your target market?

 What does your brand stand for – what do you want your business to be known for?

 Are you and your staff passionate about the business?

 Do your values underpin the organisational culture?

Without passion and commitment, you are not going to be any different from your competitor.

People are our business – without clients coming through our doors (so to speak) there is no business and in many circumstances without staff choosing to work in our business – there is no business.

Surveying your current clients is a great way of finding out what their perceptions are of your business, of you and your staff. It provides feedback on your marketing and where your perceived strengths and weaknesses are.

At OOPS our clients have been able to forecast their growth and add to their product mix from what they have learned from the Surveys and Facilitated conversations that we have conducted on their behalf.

Make 2016 your year of success and fulfillment in life and business. Focus on your needs and true passion. As a Coach, you ignite the potential of others; now take the time to nurture and rekindle your own inner flame and love every moment in your business.

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