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Business, Focus Edition Getting your Life Priorities in Focus


By: Scott Epp •  4 years ago •  


Is it time for you to start getting your life on track? In over 5,000 hours of Professional Coaching and Mentoring, I have discovered that one of the most substantial areas that people struggle in, is focusing on the right things at the right time.



i, my name is Scott Epp. As the founder of Abundance Coaching, I am privileged to partner with people as they become their authentic, amazing, best in life and business. Right now, I am in the first of two-time blocks that I committed to writing this article and I am focused on only one thing. I am focused on putting words to the draft that I formulated three days ago, that will ultimately be the article that you are reading right now. Stewart, the Editor-in- Chief of Coaching Life asked me early last week to write an article on Focus for this issue and I agreed, because I felt that it was a priority to get my message about focus out to Australia and the world.

The deadline for completing this article comes at a very busy time in our business with seminars, new clients and the current BAS to complete. My was personal life was busy with raising 3 active boys, preparing for my wife leaving for New Zealand for 5 days and a pre-planned sailing trip.

Maybe you can relate to this because you have a fleet of competing things that need to get done but seemingly little time to complete them. You feel overwhelmed by the demands of balancing your work and personal life.

The “do” type people are making lists and trying to check off what they can and the “free flowing” people are stretched because they’re not free flowing enough. Hey, life is busy. I get that. There is a competition every day for the items that get a space on the podium in our mind. This competition is more real when we experience the firestorm of choice that is so present today.

Perhaps this is you right now.


You may be thinking. That’s all fine Scott but I have a hard time focusing because I have a lot going on in my life and there never seems to be enough time in the day to get everything done.

Through coaching and mentoring hundreds of amazing people over the past 6 years I have concluded that the real problem is that people generally do not have effective strategies that will help them focus on what matters the most to them.

People don’t know their own strengths, skills, character, core values, purpose and life priorities.

More often than not, I see people spontaneously reacting to life’s situations and circumstances. The results of reacting to circumstances are sometimes necessary, however, if it is our only play, it is like the Rugby League forward who only runs and never hands off or passes. The forward becomes predictable and ultimately a liability to the entire team.

A good coach will even proactively study the other team and implement effective plans that will lead his charges to success.

Let’s take this into the real world.

Phil is an executive who became my client one year ago. He had a lot of things going for him. He was quite successful with his career. He had a young family and was very bright and optimistic but was at a point in his life where he did not know who he was or what his core values were. He didn’t have direction or focus on very many things in his life. He found himself caught up with people that constantly complained about life. He had limiting beliefs about how he looked, how he led his team at work amongst other things. Maybe you can relate to how Phil felt about his life.

So here is what Phil and I did together that transformed him into the authentic amazing man he is today.

First of all, Phil decided to take the big step by recognising that he needed to change and that he couldn’t do it alone. Let’s face it – if you want to focus on getting new results you need to humble yourself and ask for help. Getting a great life coach is a perfect place to start. No one is a silo and none of us are meant to figure out everything alone.

Phil decided to begin his epic journey with me and that was the first day of his life transformation. Phil started to envision his new life; he even made an entire 3-meter long wall in his home a vision board.

Together we changed Phil’s physiology and mindset as we worked on his declarations that he would speak powerfully over his life every day. Phil got into a morning ritual which included quality time with his wife and son, taking care of his body, declarations, meditation, visualisations and planning his day. We worked on conquering Phil’s inner stories that kept him from getting the real results that he wanted in life.

Phil went through our Abundance Coaching Core Values Discovery© Process and we started implementing effective strategies to maximise his life by using his core values. Phil found out what his strengths, skills, character and life languages are. This all led him to discover his true life purpose and meaning in life. Phil’s new outlook on life centres around him being his true self and this empowers him to live his life purpose with passion and abundance.

Phil focuses on the priorities that matter the most to him and is consistent with his morning routines and rituals. Weekly I keep him accountable to achieve his most important goals. In the past 12 months, Phil has undergone a life transformation and the inside and outside results are outstanding.

He just received a promotion and a very significant raise at his workplace. Phil is more connected to God, he has a better relationship with his wife and son and he is happier and more confident than ever. As his coach, I would consider Phil’s greatest accomplishment is how he knows himself and his focus on his life’s priorities.

Some people may think that the process that Phil went through was significant but in actuality the highlights of what I mentioned above happened in just a few coaching sessions that were laser focused on him moving forward.

So how about you? Are you ready to get the results that matter the most to you? Do you have 5 minutes to get focused on your Life priorities?

We created the Abundance Life Wheel four years ago to help clients focus life priorities and has had over 10,000 plays since then.

If you’re ready to find out your personal life focus, then here is how you start.

1) Go to: and play your Abundance Life Wheel Game. My wife and I created this game so that people could get a fast snapshot picture of where they are at in life. You will see that you get to rate how abundant you against 14 life categories.

  1. Health and Wellness
  2. Travel and Vacation
  3. Family
  4. Personal Development
  5. Giving Back
  6. Finances and Money
  7. Friends and Relationships
  8. Lifestyle
  9. Career and Business
  10. Fun and Adventure
  11. Physical Environment
  12. God and Spiritual
  13. Marriage / Partner and Intimacy
  14. Happiness in Life

Now you will get to see how much balance, momentum and abundance you have in your life. Then choose 3 areas to focus on for the next month.

2) After you’ve completed your Abundance Life Wheel you need to set your Life priorities. Here is how you do it.

Your Abundance Life Wheel tells you where you are at in your life. With your printout in your hand, you will be able to type out a list of the priorities that matter the most to you. This list will be from 1–14.


I recommend that you start by renaming them so that they are more personal to you. For instance, I rename the ‘Marriage / Partner and Intimacy’ category to my wife’s name ‘Nicole.’ Once you have prioritised the 14 areas that are the most important to you the fun starts.

Take a blank piece of paper for each of your top 5 Life priorities, then answer these questions.

  • Why is this priority important to me?
  • Where am I truly at with this life priority right now?
  • What are my goals / commitments and action steps for this Life Priority in the next 12 months?

If you commit to focusing on your most important Life priorities, you will get the results that matter the most to you.

It is your time to start focusing on the right things for you right now.

Break the confusion and get your Life Priorities in focus.

After all…

You are what you focus on the most!


Scott Epp C.P.C. (Certified Professional Coach) Corporate Trainer / Motivational Speaker Canadian born, Scott Epp, is passionate about helping people breakthrough their BIGGEST challenges so that they can live their life purpose with passion and abundance! He has been coached by some of the world’s most successful Performance Coaches including Andrea J Lee and Ted McGrath and now he has helped thousands of people to breakthrough and achieve success in life.

Scott is a Sydney-based Life, Business and Executive Coach who coaches his clients locally and globally. Scott is also a Corporate Trainer, Team Leader and Facilitator helping leaders, executives and teams with their mindset, beliefs, goals, actions, productivity and performance.

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