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Hookin2Hockey is Hockey Australia’s Club program designed for boys and girls aged 10 and under. It helps participants learn the basic skills of the game, as well as develop fundamental motor skills and the ability to work as part of a team. It is delivered in 4-10- week blocks of up to 1 hour by hockey clubs and associations in every state and territory across Australia, as well as through schools. In recent years, the program has significantly boosted junior numbers for local clubs.

The program is delivered by accredited Community Coaches through Hockey Australia’s National Accreditation program and operate within the ASC and NCAS. The Community Coach training program is directed toward teachers, parents and other new coaches who would like to be involved with Hookin2Hockey.

Club Experience at Kedron-Wavell

The Hookin2Hockey program started 8 years ago at Kedron-Wavell and draws in an average of 60 kids each year. Around 75% of all participants come through the program which has become the life-blood of the club.

Originally, the program was run on the grass 4 weeks but one year the grass was not available so practice was moved onto the turf which proved to be a big hit. The program was bought down to a 3 week program of one and a half hour sessions and has always been a “come and try” experience for the parents as much as for the kids. The program includes a stick and bag, shin pads, ball, mouth guard, training singlet, ref cards and a whistle. They are completely kitted out for the sport for $60 and they get some of that back if they sign on for the full season.

The experience at Kedron-Wavell has attracted players from the whole family including siblings and parents – bringing the family into the sport.

More information and your local club can be found here:

 Community Coach – Hookin2Hockey

 Level 1 Coach – beginner level Club hockey

 Level 2 Coach – Club/school/representative hockey

 Advanced Coach – up to Aus Hockey League teams

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