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Business, Entrepreneur Edition How to be Professional


By: Dave Spicer •  3 years ago •  


here are numerous steps and
online tools which can assist you in
establishing a professional tone
from the first few moments with a
potential client.

It is these moments which can
break your reputation or make a

In this article, we will explore the
first few steps of launching your
online presence, and a few online
communication and scheduling
tools available to you without cost.


The first important step is to
register your domain. You can do
this through for
around $10 a year.

While you are setting up your
domain, I would highly recommend
another $5 subscription with

Google business apps (Gsuite) or
Office 365.

These services offer a wide range of
beneficial business tools as well as
managed mail under your new
registered domain.

Nothing says unprofessional like
[email protected]
when you could have
[email protected].

Such a simple thing will often make
the difference between a potential
client reaching out for a second

When people receive email from your new address, this is the perfect
opportunity to hit them with more
professionalism and allow them an
insight into where they can learn
more about you.

Email Signature

Sure, email signatures are easy to
setup in most programs but I’m not
talking about a simple text

You want something that looks
incredible; great layout, colour
scheme, links to social media and
more. You can quickly generate a
high-performing email signature at

Besides building healthy
relationships, it’s also very
important to focus on


When there is a lack of effective
communication, it becomes difficult
for people to express ideas and

Your job is to guide your clients and
help improve their business but it
can be almost impossible if you are
unable to communicate with them.

When it comes to understanding
what your client needs, clear and
direct communication can be a true

Some tools that help with
communicating with your clients are
Slack, Google Hangouts, Skype, and

These tools help you remain
connected with your customers all
through the day.

They are easy-to- use messengers
that allow video and audio calling as

Zapier allows you to connect all
your apps, so it becomes easier for
you to focus on what is important.

Integrating your client in your work
allows you to constantly remain in
contact with them.

This leads to easier communication,
helping you prevent unwarranted
mistakes or missed delivery dates.

Once your client becomes a part of
your work, it becomes a two-way
process. You, as a business coach,
will guide them and teach them
business tricks and strategies, while
your client will guide you on what
they essentially need and how they
want their jobs done.

This saves both of you a lot of time
and guesswork. When there is a gap
in communication and integration,
you can rest assured that errors
will occur.

Integration also allows you to
improve your marketing tactics.
Integrated marketing
communication works much better
than traditional methods of

This helps your rake in new
customers while maintaining
healthy long-term relationships with
your current ones.

In order to be more productive in
managing your client base, it is
important for you to understand
and embrace a concept called

Typically, a calendar and a to-do- list
are used for all kinds of organizing
and scheduling tasks.

In your to-do list, you list down all
the tasks that need to be done and
the calendar is used for identifying
the date and time when you would
undertake those tasks.

For business coaches, it is vital to
meet your clients on a regular basis
so that they can guide them in
business management, strategies,
tactics etc.

How do you manage multiple clients
at once and keep a track of your
meetings/appointments with them?

How do you decide when to plan
the next appointment and who to
include in the discussion at hand?

Here are some brilliant tools to help
you with scheduling and keep you
on top of all your tasks and

NeedToMeet is a fantastic
organizing tool that allows you to
schedule a meeting in three quick
and simple steps.

If you’re struggling with unending
email chains or time zone issues,
NeedToMeet is definitely a saviour
tool. It allows you to schedule and
organize meeting dates and time at
the blink of an eye.

Here’s how you can plan a meeting
from an app, the web or even an
Outlook Add-In!

1. Simply type in the details of the
meeting you wish to schedule.

2. Choose the date and time of your

3. Invite the attendees.

Once you’ve set up the meeting,
your available date and time will be
displayed on the ‘Meeting Poll’.
This way every attendee can
indicate whether he/she is available
at that specific time or not.

After receiving a response from all
attendees, you will be able to
identify which time slot works for all
those invited so that you can send
them a calendar invitation.

Had enough of email tagging?

Say hello to ‘Calendly’.

Calendly contains the most
intelligent and user-friendly
scheduling features including
‘Calendar Integration’, which can
check your Office 365 or Google
calendar for any potential conflicts.

This means that you’ll never end up
double-booking. This feature is also
capable of automatically updating
your calendar with any new events
or meetings.

Calendly is also great for scheduling
and organizing group events like
workshops and webinars as it can
establish your capacity and allow
multiple invitees to book the exact
same slot.

Personally, I love to add my calendly
scheduling link into my email
signature so that clients can quickly
book a phone conversation in
without my engagement.

This consistently saves me days of
back and forth each month.
When it comes to your own
personal business processes and
tools that work for you, it is going to
be an ongoing discovery full of
minor and sometimes major

Don’t step into this thinking it needs
to be perfect from day one… in fact,
expect some teething issues.
Establishing a professional tone
from the onset will increase your
conversion rate and put you on the


As a musician, Dave has been playing piano since he was four. He has toured the world with many groups and supported some of the biggest names in the Australian music scene. He has played on television, festivals for 50,000+ audiences in stadiums to smaller concert performances and private performances – such as the Queen and her excellencies dinner parties! He has 12 years as a teacher for Griffith University, Conservatorium of Music and is one of four official sponsored Kawai artists.

As an Entrepreneur, Dave has been involved in businesses across the music and recruitment industry. He has helped launch a referral model business and has advised on the board of a few companies.

A few years ago, he launched an online music course which has been taken by 30,000 students worldwide and viewed by over 3 Million people. Most recently, Dave is the founder of Stackd Design – a web design firm in Brisbane Australia.

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