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Business, Future Edition HUMANITY REIMAGINED


By: Katja Kempe •  2 years ago •  

There is no question; the Fourth Industrial Revolution will bring about significant change for almost every aspect of society.

In addition, the rate of change is increasing far beyond previous industrial revolutions. If you look at the first, second or third industrial revolutions, technology was changing, but over lifetimes or generations.

Today, human evolution is accelerating at an unprecedented pace. In fact, so fast that the extent of the collective change will take on a dimension, unimaginable to our predominantly linear-thinking brain.

The impact is best illustrated as an ever-expanding cube. Four dimensions of exponential growth, each compounding on one another: through horizontal and vertical differentiation, supply chain diversification, as well as through the cross-related invention overflow between one another.

To explain this further, let’s take an isolated look at just one invention: the self-driving, the electric car. At first glance, it is obvious that the careers of taxi, bus and logistics company drivers are affected. Vertically, this one invention places considerable budgetary stress on major oil-producing countries and related companies.

Laterally, insurance organisations are rethinking premiums; consequently, the finance industry is involved. The chain reactions go on and on.

Additionally, there’s an innovative overflow to industries such as shipping and aviation; it’s not just vehicles that will be autonomously driving or electric.

Norway plans to substitute all short-haul flights up to 1.5 hours using electric planes with the first electric-powered flight scheduled as soon as 2025.

Now, try and imagine the magnitude of all new technologies. We are left with high levels of ambiguity – even the most accurate modelling through leading agencies like Deloitte Digital are estimates.

The result for some is amygdala hijack. Our fight or flight mechanism naturally kicks in, and crisis mode is elected. We focus on the threats rather than the opportunities; and whilst this is necessary to “brace for impact”, significant damage is done to our psyche.

The real challenge is not whether we are moving into this next phase or the amount of change – but altering how we think, train and work with new technological advances and their human impact. We need to wander back into the neocortex.

The quicker we can embrace the new, the smarter we will be able to adjust.

Mindset, adaptability and creativity form the new currency for success and industry leaders have already recognised this.

A recent survey of 1,603 global executives conducted by Forbes and Deloitte Insights revealed that 87% of executives believe that Industry 4.0 will lead to more social and economic equality and stability. They regard technology as an equaliser, that will provide more access to education, jobs and financing across different geographies and social groups.

Peter H. Diamandis – Founder and Executive Chairman of Singularity University and multiple New York Times bestselling author – is one of the most optimistic visionaries of Industry 4.0.

He imagines a world of abundance, where we’ll be able to meet and exceed the basic needs of every man, woman and child through advances in exponentially growing technologies such as artificial intelligence, 3D printing, synthetic biology and nanotechnology.

Diamandis states that we are dematerializing and demonetizing the cost of energy, food, healthcare and education to the point where it will be accessible to anyone at near zero cost. He believes we will make greater gains in the next two decades than we have in the previous two hundred years.

With our basic needs met, the combination of Diamandis with Abraham Maslow’s Pyramid of Needs validates, that this represents humanity’s opportunity to step into our highest potential. In a society focusing on areas outside of task fulfilment, individuals are freer to fully explore the needs of self-actualisation and self-transcendence than ever before.

An increasing preoccupation with Transhumanism, the ability to greatly enhance human intellectual, physical, and psychological capacities through technology and transcending into higher levels of consciousness will take place.

We are not only experiencing an industrial revolution, but also marching towards a spiritual revolution with the increased capacity to live beyond chaos, fear and anger of the amygdala – an evolution, that is marked by contemplation, peace, forgiveness, generosity and creativity.

The importance of coaching, selfawareness and mindfulness has never been this prevalent. It is our collective duty to up level our mindset, so we are equipped to embrace the opportunities of the future.

And that is our mission at Viveka. We ‘Update Human Thoughtware’ by connecting companies and individuals to coaches, mentors and speakers. In just 15 months, Viveka has grown into the world’s largest marketplace for personal development with over 900 members.

Our goal is to positively impact 500 million lives. Our near future will see an incorporation of artificial intelligence for more accurate matches between coaches and clients, enhanced algorithms for improved user experience, as well as significant growth in our sales and marketing team. We are currently closing an investment round and are excited to deliver these advantages to you as a coach.


Katja Kempe is the CEO and Founder of Viveka.

Viveka is a combination of Katja’s professional experience and personal passion. As a Strategy Manager and then COO of internationally leading law firms, Katja was required to follow strategic, innovative and global industry trends whilst implementing new strategies to continuously up level efficiencies and processes. Her passion for personal growth, as well as the need for professional development in our current times of exponential change birthed Viveka.

To acknowledge her success with Viveka, she has recently been presented with StartCon’s Female Entrepreneur of the Year Award 2018. StartCon is Asia Pacific’s largest startup conference.

Katja is internationally experienced, multilingual, inspired by innovation and a strong believer in creating positive and sustainable change.

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