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As a coach in any field, having charisma can really work in our favour. Whether it is business, sport or life coaching, being charismatic opens doors and gives us the ability to be who we need to be.

olivia-fox-cabaneThe charisma myth extends the work of the author, Olivia Fox Cabane who has spoken at the Harvard Business School on the subject of Charisma. Charisma, as defined by the author, is a skill which can be developed and improved over time. Improving these skills involves developing behaviours that express the three core qualities. These are presence, power and warmth. The key is in the body language which in turn, requires the correct mental state.

Since reading the book I have been more conscious of the projection of the 3 core elements of Presence, Power and Warmth, practicing more consciously to bring all the elements into play and varying between warmth, presence and Power. Personally, I already have strong skills in Visionary and Authority charisma, with moderate skills in Focus charisma so I am practicing more of the Kindness charisma to round out the ability.


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