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New Sales

I started in sales 50 years ago, in my family business which was a European bakery.

From there I got an honours degree in business administration. In the first semester, I got 4 A’s as they were teaching me what I had learnt as a boy in my parent’s business.

I majored in marketing and sales before moving into network marketing, first in cosmetics, then to fire alarms before working with Petrol Fina as oil representative.

From there I moved into large-scale property development, lost my shirt at 30 and started again.

Why do you go to work? Most people answer about money or to pay the bills.

One of the techniques I teach is to never to accept the first answer from yourself or anyone else. Your job is to be like a doctor and diagnose it. Question the answer. Listen to your answer, question your answer.

Listen to your answer, question your answer.

Money is nothing but a stepping stone to help you get where you want to go, as long as you know where you want to go.

The problem for most people is that they haven’t defined where they want to go.

At age thirty, I realised that it was going to take fifteen years to pay off my debts, so I asked the question, “Where do I want to be in fifteen years?”.

I saw there were two options. One was to be a senior executive in the corporation or two, to travel the world as a speaker, trainer, author.

So, I used my job to get the best education and training I could, so that at 45, I had the confidence to leave my 6-figure job and benefits.

At that time, my goal was to become an internationally recognised speaker. I defined international as speaking all around the world.

I started by getting on the internet and finding the ten best hotels in Singapore. I then sent them all a fax offering them 8 hours of sales training in exchange for a suite for a week.

I used my frequent flyer points to get the flights, trained each night and networked during the day. This was where my current business was born.

For the last 15 years, I have used Singapore and Dubai as my hubs and have trained people in over 47 countries.

This was a goal I had since the age of 22. I had stayed home from work and quizzed myself for 24 hours on everything I wanted to be, do and have. I wrote some crazy things that day.

I remember going to work the next day, holding the book, saying this is all I want from life.

Unfortunately, I lost the book but 18 years later, I moved and found the book again. Amazingly, the things in the book had all come true or were still in the plan.

  1. I want to make a difference in the world
  2. While I see the world
  3. Preferably first class
  4. On expenses
  5. While making big U.S. dollars.

For me, retirement meant having a certain net worth, having a business that is global in nature where business would find me. That is the way it has worked for the last twenty years.

I spent a year working for a franchise company who wanted a sales training program. I spent the year going to over 40 of the world’s best sales workshops.

It was an amazing experience and I then used this information to develop the velocity sales program. Of course, I delivered the program in the franchise company before taking it direct to market.

In late 1997, I wrote “Disciplined for Life” which was an interactive book that allowed people to work their way through and find their own path.

The opposite of selling is buying and I found that people would prefer to buy than be sold.

Buyers have a system and sales people need a system that works with the buyer system.


You attitude towards your customer, your organisation and yourself is the foundation to the entire sales process.

We go deep when talking about attitude.

This involves your rights; your right to ask, your right to fail, your right to like yourself. We spend a lot of time looking the difference between role and identity.

The BAFAR System helps you understand how your beliefs determine your results.

B – Your Beliefs, determine your attitude.

A – Your Attitude determines how you feel.

F – How you Feel determines the actions you take.

A – The Actions that you take that will get you the Results.

R – If you want different Results, start with different beliefs.


The other foundation is your behaviour towards your customer, your organisation and yourself.

Here we start by setting personal goals and then get into corporate goals.

Once the goals have been set, we then look at the behaviour towards the client.

Here we follow the 80-20 rule. 80% of your business will come from 20% of your customers.

Understanding who is in the 20% gives you a strong focus for driven results.

Understanding the Buyer

There are three things that people need to understand before we get into the buyer system.

1FOCUS The first is being buyer focused. It’s not about your product, brand, solution… it’s all about the buyer 
2ENGAGEMENT You must engage the buyer early in the conversation and keep them engaged all the way through. You can only work off their answers.You are not there to talk, so for 70% of the time you are listening and 30% of the time you are asking questions.This leaves no room for telling, but that will come when it is time. 
3EMPOWERMENT You must engage the buyer early in the conversation and keep them engaged all the way through. You can only work off their answers.You are not there to talk, so for 70% of the time you are listening and 30% of the time you are asking questions.This leaves no room for telling, but that will come when it is time.

Step 1 – Build Trust

Building trust starts with setting a few key parameters. This removes ambiguity and forms the basis for the development on trust.

Set the parameters –

  • How much time have we allowed for this call?
  • What do you want to accomplish in that time?
  • Is it OK if we ask each other questions?
  • Can I take notes as we go?
  • If I cannot help you, are you OK if I tell you?

One thing I have found is that ‘I’ll think it over.’ usually means no.

Step 2 – Motivators

We start by working to uncover the buying motivators. What are the reasons people buy from you?

Then we ask questions, so that they will uncover their own solutions.

That solution will solve their pain or pleasure and then what question do I need to ask to expose that pain or pleasure.

Never be the first to put price on the table.

Step 3 – Financial Ability

Never be the first to put price on the table. Your job is to find out what the clients pain is and how much budget they have set aside. This way you will avoid leaving money on the table.

Where possible, I will not work off my numbers. So, we must ask, “Have you got a budget set aside to solve these problems and would you mind sharing that with me in round numbers?”

If they won’t share it, then we work on bracketing, because it has got to be their number.

Step 4 – Decision Making

When and who besides yourself is involved in the decision-making process?

Step 5 – Summary

Then we summarise. “If I’ve got this correct, you have this problem and this problem, you have this much budget and your prepared to make a decision if we can find the right product. Is this correct?”


  • Competencies – A 7-step sales process to make effective sales.
  • Discipline – Defining your daily disciplines to ensure your daily activity supports your efforts.


How to attract buyers

We engage buyers and take them through self-discovery. When they find and feel their own pain, then you can talk about budget and decision making.

This way you lead the customer to the point where they want to buy from you rather than you selling to them. If you can help them, then you move forward together.

We shorten sales cycles, we prescribe

What should a sales person walk in with? You should go in with nothing but a notebook to takes notes on their needs. By changing some of our behaviours, we make big changes to our bottom line.

For some free sales training go to and register for the free trial.

Also check out for more free sales resources.

Bob Urichuck is an internationally renowned “velocity selling” specialist.

With over forty-five years of sales experience, ranging from door-to-door sales to corporate high-value boardroom sales, he has accumulated a wealth of experience in selling to individuals and big corporations.

For the last sixteen years, he has inspired, educated, and empowered Fortune 500 companies and midsized businesses to increase the velocity of their sales while strengthening their bottom lines. Using Singapore, Dubai, and Ottawa as his ongoing hubs, Bob has spoken in more than fifteen hundred cities in over forty-five countries to audiences of up to ten thousand people.

He has been recognized as Consummate Speaker of the Year by Sharing Ideas News Magazine and ranked in the top ten since 2008 in the World’s Top 30 Sales Gurus.

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