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By: Bina Jhaveri •  2 years ago •  

We all know words are powerful.

They elevate our business, relationships and life to an unfathomable degree. Words literally make or break everything we set out to do. They play a huge role in how we write the stories of our lives.

Yet, we somehow seem to err when it comes to the word choices we make.

It stops us from being positive, open and expressive.

Unless of course, you create your own Spiritual Dictionary.

When you use words that are uplifting, encouraging and respectful, you honour and serve yourself first. By re-patterning your inner communication, you can also share this beautiful gift of words with others.

So how do you design your personal Dictionary?

Take a notebook and start with a few simple words/phrases you use every day and provide new meaning to them. Do this by giving conscious thought and interpretation to each word, not just the statement in its entirety.

Good Morning

For example, take the greeting “Good Morning.” When you say it, you don’t typically give it much importance. But it has a lot of essence.

Now, say it with presence of mind, conscious thought and internalize what you are expressing.

The word “morning” is a testament that you are blessed to wake up to see another sunrise, another day. Let that feeling sink in. And the word “good.”

You are manifesting pure goodness onto yourself and others. How does this sit with you?

This simple phrase no longer serves as a mere greeting or thoughtless gesture. You give rise to the magnitude of how much soul each word brings.


Take “thank you.” “Thank” itself symbolizes gratitude, and “you” is a direct celebration of Being. You are honouring someone in the most genuine way.

As you break up words and give them power, do it with intention, deep connection and genuine eyecontact. By using meaningful words and giving “spirit” to what you are conveying, you enhance conversations, interactions and engagements.

Use words like these through the day and ask yourself, do you like the sound of what you say? Does it make you feel good? How about the people around you? Does it empower you and your environment? Are you using words to create a living dream, your own Zen world, a home that feels like paradise and relationships that are so bonded they breathe love, acceptance, affection and unconditional support?

Start with a few words/phrases each day and note them down. Introduce words you are comfortable with at first. They should feel authentic and become your everyday way of communicating.

You will start displaying an aura of peace, kindness, praise and happy emotions.

You will radiate positive energy flow.

You will come a place of understanding, empathy, forgiveness and spark.

Your life will magically manifest its own inner and outer utopia.

You will feel permanent bliss.

You will believe everything is for the good.

I recommend starting a Spiritual Journal alongside your Spiritual Dictionary where you note your new experiences as you create this powerful, personal word choice.

Use them in tandem and write the New Story of Your Life.

As you pen each chapter in your Book of Life, ask yourself, would you go back and read it at the end of your life?

Now, look in the mirror, take time to acknowledge yourself, say something nice and give yourself a kiss.

Joy will matter more than pain.

Giving will take precedence over taking.

You will transcend daily trivia and begin seeing depth in people, places and things.

You will only operate in love and not fear.

Your tolerance and acceptance levels will rise.

You will become the symbol of Love.

Bina Jhaveri

With over 20 years of global experience, Bina has a blend of industryspecific experience and a best-practice approach to Wellness, Spiritual and Zen Practices, Entrepreneur & Business Coaching, Passion and Purpose Coaching as well as Relationship Marketing and Communication.

As an ICF Certified Coach, she works with committed clients, forging unique partnerships and guiding them to transformational results.

Her ultimate vision is to raise the overall “human” bar. “To enable individuals to become better and deeper versions of themselves as they discover their own purpose, is my undying quest…”

Bina has an Executive Master’s in international business management and is a writer by passion. She enjoys community involvement, spending quality time with her family and calls Los Angeles her home.

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